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3 Ways to Keep From Getting Burned Out When You Work Multiple Jobs


A scarcity of full-time, benefited jobs has led many workers to hold down multiple part-time gigs at the same time. The challenge, of course, is juggling all of this without going crazy from burn-out.

Lifehacker, as usual, has an answer to this dilemma. In fact, blogger Eric Ravenscraft offers six answers. Below are three you probably tend to overlook.

1. Set boundaries and stick to them.

It’s the first thing we mean to do when we take on extra work … and the first thing we forget about when deadlines come pressing down. Ravenscraft suggests deciding your availability for one job, and then arranging your schedule around that.

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2. Don’t forget to socialize.

When time is money, any time that doesn’t earn money can seem like a waste, but nothing could be further from the truth. Make sure you leave time to connect with your friends, relax, and unwind — or you could find yourself too stressed out to do anything at all.

3. Spend some (but not all) of your money.

Use your extra money, if there is any, to make your life better. Whether this means going on a trip or paying down your debt is up to you. But try to reserve at least a little bit for something fun. Otherwise, it’s easy to feel like your whole life is all work and no play.

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