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3 Tips from Entrepreneurs on Becoming “Career Fearless”


Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to career development. We lack the confidence to make big leaps, or we second-guess ourselves until opportunity stops knocking. A recent LearnVest article asked several prominent entrepreneurs to share their advice on beating fear and becoming a success.

Here’s a taste of their advice:

1. Ask for help.

“I really hate the ‘I did it all by myself’ style of business stories,” Troy Hazard tells LearnVest. “Everyone either needs help — or has had help at some stage from someone.”

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Whether it was your parents paying some of your tuition, or a bank giving you a small loan to start a business, you’ve probably already had some help along your career path. Don’t be afraid to ask for more.

2. Make mistakes.

Sir Richard Branson is probably one of the most high-profile entrepreneurs who doesn’t have his own reality TV show. (Yet. When he does, it’ll probably be on his own network.) But as we’ve said before in this space, even Sir Richard has had his share of business failures. For every Virgin Airlines, there’s a Virgin Cola, is what we’re saying. Embrace your failures. They’ll teach you how to be a success.

3. Show your passion.

One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is passion. Don’t be afraid to show yours. Chad Johnson, CEO of Lady Jane’s, tells LearnVest that his motto is, “Nothing great in life is ever accomplished without enthusiasm.”

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