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3 Scholarships for Math and Science Majors (Plus, a Neat Tool to Find Money for Any Other Major)


Most career experts will tell you that picking a major solely based on money is a losing proposition. You might wind up with a well-paying gig after college, but you won’t have much fun spending your money if you hate your job. Still, while money might not buy happiness, poverty certainly doesn’t. If you’re trying to figure out which major to pick, U.S. News’ list of scholarships might sway your decision.

1. The SMART Scholarship (Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation), from the Department of Defense

If you’re interested in engineering, you’re probably already going to be pretty well set for cash after graduation. But if you also don’t mind working for the Department of Defense, you can apply for this scholarship, which covers all of your tuition and fees, as well as connecting you with paid summer internships.

2. Wayne V. Black Memorial Scholarship, from the Energy Telecommunications and Electrical Association

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Love all things techy? You might qualify for this award, which grants $5000 to students who major in computer science.

3. Association for Women in Mathematics’ Alice T. Shafer Prize for Excellence in Mathematics

Obviously, the catch with this one is that men need not apply. Still, for women in applied and general mathematics majors, this prize is worth up to $1000, regardless of the student’s financial need.

Even if you’re not a STEM type, there’s money out there waiting to be claimed. The U.S. Department of Labor offers a free search tool for students looking for scholarships, grants, and loans. You don’t even need to be working toward a four-year degree to find cash. Vocational and community college students are also eligible.

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