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Refocus and Find a Purpose to Eliminate Distractions


Work distractions are an endless pool of clicks that can lead you into hours of unproductivity. This can often start when we set out to complete quick tasks, like replying to a myriad of emails or checking in on social media posts. However, these quick tasks and coinciding distractions take away from larger, more meaningful tasks that are burning holes in our to-do lists.

The reason why we often avoid these tasks and choose the quick tasks instead is because it requires us to change our mode of thinking. However, there is a way you can switch tasks and rid yourself of distractions. Simply refocus and find a purpose.

Try to observe your own habits. Are you avoiding a large task? Are you getting lost in distractions? If you are, then take a step back for a few seconds and think about the importance of the tasks you were doing. Is a more important task waiting for your attention?

If your answer is “yes,” then you need to change your mode of thinking. Quick tasks don’t require a lot of focus or deep thought, so completing a larger task is impossible when your brain is in a mode to complete quick tasks. Therefore, you’ll have to pause and take a few seconds to refocus your mind on the task you are about to tackle. A good way to refocus is by zeroing in on why the task in important. What is its purpose? Think about the bigger picture.

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Completing these steps and observing your own habits can help you increase your productivity and completely change the way you work.

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