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Learning to Deal With a Micromanaging Boss


Being micromanaged can ruin your entire work experience, disallowing you from actually being able to do your job the way you want. Sometimes managers and supervisors spend so much time telling you how to do your job, they might as well just complete the tasks themselves. However, there are ways to deal with a micromanaging boss that can hint at their less-than-ideal ways without putting your job at risk.

First and foremost, prove to your boss that you don’t need to be micromanaged. For the most part, the tasks that he or she reminds you about are things you already know need to be done, and you know how to do them. Get them done ahead of time to show that you are on top of things and that you know how to do your job without their constant check-ins.

The reason why micromanagers are micromanagers is because they need to feel in control. A way of maintaining their control while keeping the micromanagers at bay is by giving them updates before they can ask for them. Send your boss a daily email every morning to outline what you completed the day before and what your to-do list for the day includes. This way, you can show that you value your boss’ input without having to give constant updates throughout the day.

Lastly, try to talk to your manager about being more independent in your role. Of course, you have to gauge the company you work for and the boss you are dealing with. In smaller companies, a one-on-one conversation about the situation can help you and your boss find some common ground. In larger, corporate settings, this kind of conversation might not fly. Instead, ask to work on a project independently to prove your abilities.

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Keep in mind that you won’t see a change in your boss’ managing methods right away, but you’ll eventually prove that you know how to do your job, and you know how to do it well.

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