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Is Vine the Future of Resumes and Job Applications?


The current economy has left a lot of people jobless (about 7.7 percent in America), which means that job candidates need to find new and creative ways to make them stand out to potential employers. One journalist, Dawn Siff, took to new video social networking app Vine to show off her skills.

In the short six-second looping video, Siff holds objects like a microphone, Rubik’s cube and a light saber to help get her point across.

“Journalist, strategist, manager, deadline jedi, idea machine, Dawn Siff,” she says in the video.

Siff recently landed a job as a project manager at the Economist Group. While she says she got the job through traditional means, she agrees that her Vine resume probably didn’t hurt.

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“I actually got this job through old fashioned networking, a referral by a friend,”? Siff writes on her Tumblr page. “But I would say that the Vine resume did impress them once I was in the door.”?

Siff also created an infographic to display what her job search has entailed. It lasted a total of six months and four days, beginning in November of 2012. Highlights of her search include going to 12 networking meetings, nine job interviews and spending 64 hours in classes continuing her education.

Check out Siff’s Vine resume below.

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