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Employee of The Year: Chinese Journalist Interrupts Her Wedding to Cover an Earthquake


Just when you thought you had made the ultimate sacrifice for your job by skipping lunch, someone like Chen Ying, a news reporter in China, goes and ditches her own wedding to cover a massive earthquake that hit the city of Ya’an.

In her wedding dress, no less.

Here at PayScale, we are constantly trying to help give our readers advice on how they can stand out to their bosses. This example is pretty extreme, but we would like to give Chen Ying a round of applause. Her decisive action probably bodes really well for her next performance review. We would recommend that she shows this video again when it comes time to negotiate her salary.

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Are you talking about the kind of thing where I start working at 9:00 Friday morning, then finish up around 1:30pm Saturday afternoon, with a “lunch break” at midnight, ’cause that’s when the computers are down for maintenance, and in the precess, blowing off the 25 year class reunion I had already bought tickets for? Or are you looking for *real* dedication, like troubleshooting a mainframe /network issue for 32 hours straight, with no “lunch break” ’cause the system is… Read more »

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