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Discover the Keys to These Entrepreneurs’ Success


The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is often difficult and never guaranteed. So what can we learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs around today?

Deepak Chopra is known for his holistic approach to healing and medicine. The author actually created a light and sound mind machine that puts you “into a meditative, relaxed, dream, sleep, creative or altered state of consciousness.” He had the help of a Harvard neuroscientist to create it and says he never leaves his home without it. Staying spiritually in sync is a key component to Chopra’s success.

For Meg Whitman, it’s the physical aspect of her day that helps her stay focused. “Since competing in high school, I’ve tried to make swimming a part of my regular routine,” Whitman admitted to Mashable. “The physical exercise and time alone in a pool is a great outlet for focusing my thoughts and relieving stress.”

Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment and owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Golden State Warriors, has a more conventional must-have: “I admit it. I have become habituated, if not addicted to my ‘mobile’ and all of its benefits. We’re building with the Yankees, our AAA stadium in Pennsylvania, and I log in to two live cameras on site to see how the stadium is progressing.”

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