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An Interactive Map of the Richest and Poorest Subway Stops in New York


Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the wealthiest stop of all? The mirror probably doesn’t know, but The New Yorker does, and explains it in one of the niftier interactive features I’ve seen for a while.

Based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the feature allows you to search by subway line to find the richest and the poorest stops on each line, by median household income.

Manhattan stops tend to be the wealthiest, no great surprise there, with the exception of the York Street stop on the F line in Brooklyn. (Although, significantly, that stop is the closest in Brooklyn to Manhattan. Views of that NYC skyline don’t come cheap.)

After noodling around with this feature a bit, I’ve found the seven wealthiest stops on all the lines — just in case you recently won the lottery and want to know where to find your new peers.

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The stops are:

1. Chambers Street (1, 2, 3, A, C lines), Manhattan, Median Household Income: $205,192

2. Park Place (2, 3 lines), Manhattan, Median Household Income: $205,192

3. World Trade Center (E line), Manhattan, Median Household Income: $205,192

4. 5th Ave-59th Street (N, Q, R lines), Manhattan, Median Household Income: $171,000

5. 77th Street (6 line), Manhattan, Median Household Income: $168,661

6. York Street (F line), Brooklyn, Median Household Income: $167,737

7. Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall (4, 5 lines), Manhattan, Median Household Income: $135, 573

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