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9 Ways That Sound Affects Our Health, Wellbeing and Productivity [infographic]


A lot of us work in a cubicle. While we all know this can be a creativity killer, it turns out it could be a productivity killer as well. After all, when you are exposed to the loud noises of your co-workers talking in an open office, productivity drops by 66 percent.

Julian Treasure has put a lot of effort into making professionals understand how sound impacts their lives. He has given numerous TED talks, including “The 4 Ways Sound Affects Us” and “Why Architects Need to Use Their Ears.” His latest TED talk focuses on “9 Ways That Sound Affects Our Health, Wellbeing and Productivity.”

Some of the effects Treasure lists include the cost of noise pollution, how the noise level in classrooms can be associated with permanent hearing loss, and how a 20-decibel increase in aircraft noise is enough to delay a student’s reading level by up to 8 months.

Check out the TED infographic below for more revelations on the nine ways that sound affects your health and wellbeing.

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