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3 Hiring Tips for Newbies


When your new company starts to grow and it’s time to start hiring new employees, you might start banging your head against the wall because the process is just no fun. Alex Schiff, the founder of Freshnotes, recently found himself in the same position and had to learn all about the hiring process the hard way. For other budding companies, Schiff has provided a few tips he learned along the way.

First, find the excitement. It doesn’t take long to decide if you want to interview someone or not after seeing their application. However, the interview process can be mundane, and you might find that a lot of the candidates appear to have similar answers. What you should be looking for is your own level of excitement. Is this a person you want to work with? Do you want to introduce this person to the rest of the team? If your answer is “yes,” you might have found the right person for the job.

If you are having trouble finding good quality candidates, your problem might be that you aren’t selling your company enough. There has to be one aspect of working for your company that is unlike any other. For Fetchnotes, they don’t have any employees with an actual college degree because they simply don’t care about GPAs or experience level. Thus, they recruit at universities. Figure out what your unfair advantage is and find a place to recruit where people just can’t say no to what you have to offer.

Can’t figure out exactly what it is you want from employees? Just start hiring! You’ll never really realize what your company needs until you begin the hiring process. Sometimes, along the way you’ll realize it’s best to give an existing employee a promotion, or you might change your view on the type of role the new employee will play. Either way, just go for it. At the end of the day, at least it was a learning experience.

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