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What Jobs Bring the Most Happiness?


We all want to be happy in our jobs, but unfortunately, many of us have had jobs in our past or present that make us unhappy. What jobs not only pay financially, but also in the happiness department?

CareerBliss used a special methodology to determine the jobs where people feel happiest. “It is vital to understand how employees in these positions feel about their work environment,” Heidi Golledge, the company’s chief executive, explained to Forbes. “Whether you are someone looking to transition into one of these careers, or are currently in one of these jobs, this can help arm you with the information needed to truly understand the rewards and challenges. In addition, any employer managing people in these types of positions can gauge how their employees may feel, and can adjust elements to help create happier work environments.”

So what are the five happiest jobs, according to CareerBliss? In first place is a software quality assurance engineer. Second place is an executive chef. Property manager came in third; a teller is fourth, and coming in at fifth place is a warehouse manager.

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