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The Lottery’s Biggest Winning Losers [infographic]


Monday seems like the perfect time to do some daydreaming about winning the lottery. However, as this infographic reveals, it isn’t quite the life-changing event one might expect.

An astounding 44 percent of lottery winners will have spent their newly found fortune within the first five years. Multimillion-dollar winner Michael Carroll was broke, living back in his old house and working as a garbage man eight years later. He spent his fortune on cars, women and drugs. He is said to be “glad it’s over.”

That doesn’t mean the lottery is a curse for everyone. Winner Brad Duke did it right. He took home an $85 million lump sum and today, he is worth $130 million. How did he do it? $45,000,000 went to safe, low-risk investments. He also created a foundation, paid off his debt and drives a used VW Jetta worth $14,500.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on the lottery’s biggest winning losers.

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