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Salary for Job Titles We Didn’t Know About Last Week – Wallingford Release


By Adam Phillabaum – @adamb0mb

Welcome to the Wallingford Release Notes. As always, you can find the details below.

This is a sad release because it was the last release for Perry at PayScale. He's moving on to be a software engineer at a bigger and better company. We wish him luck, and will miss him.

Anyways, read on for the details!

Do You Know What You're Worth?

New Job Pages

We've spent a lot of time and energy for the last 10+ years building and refining the list of job titles we report data for in PayScale. But, as we continue to grow as a company and our ability to apply more and more complex algorithms on the data… we recognize that it will take more than the brainpower and grit of our data team (even though, they have those traits in spades) to best figure out what is real and what is not.

We've come up with the idea of a "Job Title Candidate." It's not a full-fledged part of the PayScale taxonomy, but we recognize that it may be more than just some random string we picked up on the street. We've created pages in the Research Center for these job titles, and as we collect more data on them, we'll be better able to determine how and where they best fit into our taxonomy.

Here is an example of a new page: Sandwich Artist Salary.


Fraud Detection

This is always something we're thinking about; how can we best prevent people from lieing to us, or otherwise give us bad data? And, if they give it to us, what do we do with it. I assure you, we have a VERY high success rate at filtering out bad data, but we are continually striving to improve.

In this release, we're adding a whole new layer of fraud detection to our system. For security reasons, I'm not going to go into much detail. But, I just thought you'd like to know: we're on the case.

As Always, There's More

We're working on transitioning some of our site to a new platform. There isn't much to show yet, but when there is… we'll definitely share it with you guys.


Adam Phillabaum
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