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A long list of job perks has been all the rage lately, with companies wanting to make the work experience as exciting, fun and joyful as possible for employees. But perks mean money, and not every company has the extra cash lying around to provide such luxuries. However, there are still some perks you can offer that won't break the bank.

For instance, catered lunches can go a long way. They show employees that you encourage breaks and you care about their health, and also serves as bonding time for the company. Implementing this just once a week can help boost office morale.

Another way to make employees a little happier is by making the office a dog-friendly environment. By allowing employees to bring their dogs to work, you can reduce their own stress of dealing with dog walkers and daycares. Plus, having dogs around is sure to make everyone smile and reduce work stress as a whole.

Sparta Systems found a very interesting way to get employees to work well together: They implemented board and video game meetings. Everyone likes a little play time during the day, and the games also help stretch a few brain muscles and get employees to think outside the box.

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Another company, Angel, implemented volunteer vacation days. This allows employees to take a paid day to volunteer at an organization of their choice. This is a perk that makes employees feel good, makes the company look good, and is good for the community. It's goodness all around!

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