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Is OSHA A Wasteful Regulatory Nightmare or Common Sense That Saves Lives? [infographic]


Did you know that companies that been inspected by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration save around 26 percent on worker’s compensation costs? Maybe this is what President Clinton had in mind when he said, “We have to recognize that, done right, regulation protects our workers from injury, and that when we fail, it can have disasterous consequences. I believe we can bring back common sense and reduce hassle without stripping away safeguards for our children, our workers, and our families.” This Compliance and Safety infographic weighs the benefits of OSHA.

While OSHA has been beneficial in terms of worker’s compensation costs, it hasn’t been as effective in reducing on-the-job fatalities. In fact, it hasn’t made a measurable impact in that area whatsoever. Some of its regulations, however, have led to a dramatic reduction in dangers like Hepatitis B infections, grain bin explosions and brown lung disease.

Check out the infographic below and decide for yourself. Do the benefits outweight the cost?

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