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How to Make the Hiring Process Less Painful [infographic]


There are countless articles, studies and infographics about what job seekers can do better to attract the perfect job. However, there’s very little talk about what employers can do better to seek and obtain an incredible candidate. This HireRight infographic sheds light on this pernicious problem.

Companies can make their own share of mistakes, comparable with their suitors. They can advertise employment opportunities that fail to explain who they are as a company or exactly what it is that their brand represents.

There’s another thing that drives potential candidates insane, and that is the fact that those vauluable potential hires find it disrespectful when you don’t follow up on their resumes or inquiries. For better or worse, it’s a new generation and people expect to at least be acknowledged when they put forth an effort.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on the hiring process.

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