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How to Deal With Criticism at Work


No matter how you look at it, receiving criticism is never fun. Even though it is a necessary part of life — especially your work life — and can help you improve your skills, very few people out there can take criticism well. However, it is important to learn how to keep your ego in check and take the comments in stride.

Criticism tends to feel especially bad when you know the person dishing it out is right. After the initial sting, just take a deep breath and prepare yourself to deal with the issue. It's okay to admit that the comments were hard to hear, but make sure you voice that you are up for the challenge.

Sometimes the best way to deal with criticism is to give yourself time to process what you heard before reacting to it. It's okay to voice that. It's always better to give yourself time to clear your head and ensure your reaction is not full of emotion. And don't be afraid to bring up the subject again and revisit what you were told at a later time.

If the criticism was unfair, then make sure you stand up for yourself — sometimes that even means going above the criticizer's head. But if you are taking action for being treated unfairly, tread carefully. Know how your actions might affect you and your position.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

You can also ask for specific measurables and goals to hit to prove that you really are up for the challenge. Then, use these goals to prove just how great you are at your job. Meet those measurables — or, better yet, beat them. Show your employers just how valuable you are and prove to yourself and them that you can handle anything.

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