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Does Working at Home Cost Us Money?


Working from home is often presented as a benefit that makes up for lower salaries or smaller raises. The idea is that a flexible schedule, in addition to being convenient and allowing us to work in our jammies, will save us money by cutting down on our commute, dry-cleaning, and lunch bills. But do we really save by staying home?

A recent survey from Coupon Cabin and Harris Interactive says maybe not.

Nearly 70 percent of those surveyed said they shopped online while working at home, as opposed to 54 percent who shopped from the office. Not surprisingly, workers who were at home (and therefore didn’t have to worry about the boss looking over their shoulders) spent more time online shopping, as well.

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“In the grand scheme of the telecommuting debate, this study may seem like more fuel for the opposition,” writes Mandi Woodruff at Business Insider. “But telecommuters still say they are less distracted and feel more efficient when working from a home office than in a cubicle.”

Still, as Woodruff points out, going for a walk or doing some yoga might be better for you than spending your lunch money on flash sale sites.

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