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Does The Government Belong In Our Schools? [infographic]


The debate about education continues to be a hot button topic and one of the main sources of political discourse. This Top Education Degrees infographic takes a look at government’s role in education.

When it comes to graduation rates, Canada is at the top of their game with the highest rate of high school graduates in the entire world. Rounding out the top five are the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and Germany. Still don’t see the United States? Think it might be top in the top 10? Guess again. You need to go down to No. 17 on the list to find where America rates on the chart.

The pressure might be too much on teachers and students alike. In the state of Atlanta alone, there were 178 public school teachers and principals accused of cheating in order to raise the test scores of their students. After all, the scores haven’t been seeing much improvement. On a scale of 500 points, 4th grade students have only increased by 6 points in math during the past decade.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on education and government.

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