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Building Your Life’s Board of Directors


Here’s a potential self-help concept that will appeal to business types more than planets or love languages: your life’s board of directors.

It’s an idea that web technologist and blogger Scott Hanselman has been kicking around on his blog since his friend tweeted:

“Everyone needs a life board of directors. A group of people who mentor you and help you find direction. You form one organically.”

What I love about this is that most of us probably already have a board of directors, without realizing it. They’re the majority stock holders in your life, the people you turn to before you make any decisions. They’re your mother, your father, your sibling, your spouse, or your best friend — usually some combination of all of those.

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For folks who are more comfortable with formal charters, Hanselman suggests:

“Pick 2 to 5 of your friends. Not necessarily your closest friends, but friends that are close enough where you can really confide but not so close that they can’t see the big picture. Email them one a month, once a quarter or ‘once a crisis.’ Ask them for advice, lean on them, trust them and help them as well.”

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