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3 Ways to Stop Second-Guessing Yourself


Lots of people have a tendency to second guess themselves, but it’s particularly common in young women who are just starting out in their careers. In a recent post on Women 2.0, career coach Ellen Ercolini offered advice for folks who are still learning how to trust their instincts.

“As a young woman and business owner, it took me about a year to stop second-guessing every decision I made,” writes Ercolini, who is the founder of The Creative Giraffe. “I wanted to consult my girlfriends, talk about it on Facebook, and generally get positive reinforcement from my tribe that my decision was a good one.”

Not surprisingly then, the first thing she advises women to do is…

Do You Know What You're Worth?

1. Stop asking for validation.

Many women get caught up in a loop of approval seeking, and forget that the most important opinion is their own. As an added bonus, tuning into yourself makes it easier and quicker to make decisions.

2. Erase “I don’t know” from your vocabulary.

Ercolini says that we often use “I don’t know” as a cover for our real opinions. Instead of giving this verbal shrug, she suggests really asking yourself what you think.

3. Ask yourself “What do I want?”

“By practicing asking yourself what you want, and listening to the answer, you will open up and develop your relationship with your own trust,” Ercolini writes. “Over time, your inner answers will be louder and you’ll be able to hear them even in stressful and difficult situations.”

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