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3 Totally Unexpected Work-From-Home Jobs


When we think of work-from-home jobs, we usually picture tech types, tapping away at their keyboards, blissfully free from human interaction and its ties to the physical office. But there are plenty of other kinds of jobs out there that allow you to work from home — and some of them will surprise you.

Chelsea Gladden of FlexJobs wrote a recent post on Mashable outlining some different kinds of work-from-home jobs. Here were the ones you probably weren’t expecting:

1. Health Care

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Most of us are familiar with health care jobs that involve actually going to a physical building — if not a hospital or doctor’s office, then at least an insurance company’s headquarters or a lab. But with the explosion in both the industry and technology, more and more workers in this sector can do their jobs over the phone or via computer, assessing medical needs, writing reports, or doing research.

2. Administrative

Admins aren’t just in the office anymore. Virtual assistants are cropping up everywhere, from receptionists to executive assistants.

3. Education

Teachers don’t even need a classroom anymore. Online instructors and curriculum developers, among others, can do their jobs at home.

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