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3 Things That Women Want at Work


If you want to keep your female employees happy, a recent study says, the key is flexibility. According to research by Randstad of North America, 50 percent of female workers named flexibility as a “driving factor” behind their careers.

Thirty-three percent of women surveyed also said that flexibility is the best way for employers to engage them with work. Forty-nine percent said that their current companies offered the flexibility they were looking for.

Other things female workers wanted, according to the study:

1. Work/Life Balance — In Other Words, a Limit on Technology

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“As enhanced technologies and increased access to information continue to blur the lines between our professional and personal lives, many workers mistake being busy for being productive,” said Linda Galipeau, CEO of Randstad, in an interview with BusinessNewsDaily. “These are two very different concepts that, when looked at from an organizational standpoint, could have serious implications for a company’s bottom line.”

2. Good Relationships at Work

Respondents named relationships with bosses and coworkers as important factors in their happiness at work — not surprising, when you consider how much time workers, both male and female, spend at the office.

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