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12 Things Employers Really Know About You [infographic]


Applying for a job is vastly different today than it was just a decade ago. Before, potential employers relied on an application or resume. Today, they have the privilege of social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. How much does your employer really know about you? This LAW QA infographic tells all.

Did you know that the Fair Credit Reporting Act enables potential landlords and employers to dive into your credit report before they decide to hire or rent to you? The good news is that your medical records are not included due to patient privacy rights.

There’s also the business of a criminal record. This record gives the requestor insight into an applicant’s driving and vehicle records, as well as their educational records, court documents, bankruptcy, property ownership, military service, past employers and citizenship status.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on what a potential employer can discover about you.

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