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When it Comes to Shoppers, Choice is an Illusion [infographic]


We all believe we have the freedom of choice and in the bigger picture, that is true. However, did you know that advertisers know what kind of choices we will make, even before we do, and will capitalize on them in their marketing campaigns? This Best Psychology Degrees infographic reveals some startling statistics.

When you make a shopping or spending decision, do you know where exactly in the brain that decision is made? It’s in the prefrontal cortex. That is where all rational decisions are made. Maybe this is why MRI machines are coming into play in studies. Scientists are using them to predict an individual’s decisions. The MRI can actually foretell the decision six seconds before it comes into the conscious.

There are two types of shoppers a company can attract: Satisficers and Maximizers. Satisficers are happy with their purchase and generally have a positive experience. Maximizers, according to the infographic, tend to be less happy and even more depressed. They are more prone to regret, both experienced and anticipated, and they engaged in more social comparison, especially upward comparison, than satisficers.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on how choice is an illusion.

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