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Of These 4 Types of Entrepreneurs, Which One Are You?


Most entrepreneurs have a unique way of thinking, which is what makes them self-making go-getters in the first place. However, there are categories of entrepreneurs that most can fit into. It may not seem important to know exactly where you fit in with the business world, but being able to identify where your strengths lie can help you navigate your new venture.

A new book called Entrepreneurial DNA by Joe Abraham points out four different types of entrepreneurs and what makes them successful. “His methodology measures an entrepreneur’s fit or DNA in each of four quadrants — Builder, Opportunist, Specialist, and Innovator (BOSI),” writes Martin Zwilling for Entrepreneur.

The Builders are the business-minded entrepreneurs who are always a few steps ahead of everyone else. “They are often described as driven, focused, cold, ruthless, and calculating,” Zwilling writes.

An Opportunist is the one who makes the right move at exactly the right time. This entrepreneur is more interested in making money in a small amount of time, not unlike flipping a house or jumping on an IPO.

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The Specialist entrepreneur is the one that knows a lot about a specific industry. This person is likely to stay in said industry for many years, but will sometimes find it difficult to stand out against competitors.

The Innovator is the entrepreneur that gets his or her hands dirty. This is the person who is physically working on a new product — whether it’s as a scientist, chef, engineer or a creative. “The challenge with an Innovator is to focus as hard on the business realities as the product possibilities,” says Zwilling.

What type of entrepreneur do you fit under?

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