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Top 5 Worst Bosses [Infographic]


We've all been there. From a micro-manager who insists upon telling us how to forward an email for the 16th time to the boss who manages from afar, sending 47 email at four in the morning, yet never making an appearance in the office, a horrible boss is enough to make any worker dream of calling in sick, forever. PayScale decided to find out which professions suffered the most horrendous supervisors. The answers may surprise you. Read on to view our latest infographic and see who's suffering the most. 

As you can see, chemistry matters almost as much at work as it does in love. Chemists top our list of worst bosses, with 19 percent of respondants reporting they would change their boss in a heartbeat, given the opportunity. Bakers aren't far behind, proving that even making cupcakes isn't sweet if your boss is breathing down your neck. 
Bad Bosses

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