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The $99,000 Burrito


When we have a team lunch to celebrate the latest site release, someone always suggests/insists upon going to Chipotle. Why? Because it's delicious, of course. Cilantro-lime rice is addictive, it would seem. According to this article from CBS, these tasty burritos can also be lucrative. So how are Chipotle employees earning the whole $99K enchilada?

From what we can tell, Chipotle employees can find high dollar success for two main reasons. 

1. Growth Potential. As the article states, Lidia Castillo started out rolling burritos. Over a period of 11 months, she continued to climb the Chipotle ladder, moving from service manager to general manager and beyond. This growth is possible because of the way Chipotle has structured its business, along with the fact that it has been very successful in the last few years.

The PayScale Index also reflects this growth. Food service workers saw a wage growth of 3.3 percent in Q4 — the highest growth since the Index began tracking wages. People like to eat and wages are reflecting that. 

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2. Clear Expectations. Chipotle prides itself on hiring workers who embody the 13 most important characteristics they've identified. These attributes include being respectful, hospitable, happy, presentable, and motivated. By hiring workers that fit this mold, Chipotle sets each employee up for success. 

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