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Start Doing the Work for Tomorrow’s Job Today


You’ve probably heard the expression, “dress for the job you want.” But how about doing the work for the job you want — even before you get it?

That’s what Emily Co at Savvy Sugar advises:

“If you want a promotion at your job, then start performing the duties and responsibilities required at the next level, and work on doing different tasks. If you want to switch industries or roles, then start gaining the experience and knowledge needed for those brand-new positions. Take classes, freelance, or even offer your services for free just to gain the experience you need. ”

Do You Know What You're Worth?

If you can’t wrangle your way into the next position on the ladder at your company, look outside your current job to gain the experience you need. Other ways to set yourself up for a new gig:

1. Volunteer for an organization that’s close to your heart. You’ll gain much-needed skills while supporting a worthy cause.

2. Look for classes through work. Can’t swing tuition? Many companies offer training courses to their employees, but you sometimes have to ask HR to find the full list of opportunities. You should also look into tuition assistance, to see if your company will help defray the cost of continuing your education.

3. Hit up your network. Let your social media pals know what kinds of skills you’re looking to develop, and offer your services on either a freelance or volunteer basis. Most companies have more work than full-time staffers right now. You might be surprised at how fast they’ll leap at the chance to get your help.

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