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Rise of Infographics: Marketing in the Social Media Age [infographic]


The rise of social media has made the popularity and usability of infographics an ideal marriage of sorts. Here is an easy way to provide simple, bite-sized pieces of information for the larger population to digest more easily. This infographic shares insights on this marketing phenomenon.

One infographic has the potential to reach up to 15 million people. A traditional Twitter status, LinkedIn post or Stumbleup update will reach less than 100 times the amount of people the average infographic will reach.

According to infographic wonderland, the most popular infographic in its archive is “What Are the Odds?” It takes the reader on a probability trip to ponder how one came to exist as they are today. Far less contemplative infographics that are nearly as popular include “How Much Can You Trust a Bearded Man?” and “Should I Text Them?” Another favorite is “Evolution of the Geek.”

Check out the infographic below for more insights on the rise of infographics and marketing in the social media age.

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