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I Dream of a Flexible Work Schedule


Let's play a game where we daydream about our ideal job. What's the title? (Supreme Majesty of Everything) How much money will we make? (Eleventy billion dollars) And, most importantly, what will our schedule be?

For this week's #CasualFriday topic, we asked PayScale users to dream a little dream about the best work schedule they could imagine. Weekends only? Sleeping in every morning? Nothing is off-limits in the Magic Daydream Game. 


Most users talked about wanting more flexibility in their schedules. They want the ability to work from the office some days and from home others. As one user put it, "Flexible to accommodate! It would be great to work overtime one week, and then be able to have a reduced workload the next." The response we heard most? People dream more about a 4-day workweek than anything else. 

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Atypical Hours

Instead of the usual grind of the 9-5, our users talked about doing their best work at random times of the day. One person wants to work from 3pm-midnight, while another prefers 7am-3pm. The overall idea is that if workers are allowed to choose their own hours, they'd be able to do a higher quality of work. Do you agree?

For me, my ideal schedule would be Monday to Thursday, 6am to 2pm. Then I'd have my afternoons free for a nice run, errands at businesses that close at 5pm, and leisurely cooking dinner. A girl can dream, right?

Tell Us What You Think

We want to hear from you! What is your ideal work schedule? Share in the comments or join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #CasualFriday

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