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How to Strategically Announce That You’re Changing Jobs


What’s the hardest part of changing jobs (besides finding a new one)? Figuring out when to let people at your current gig know that you’re making a change.

That’s why Daily Muse columnist Leslie Bradshaw advises job changers to have an internal succession plan. What is an internal succession plan? Basically, it’s just an awesome name for your plan of how to announce your job change to the world.

If it never occurred to you that you need a plan, you’re not alone. Most of us don’t really think much past finding a new job and maybe letting our boss know that we’re jumping ship. But planning ahead has a lot to be said for it. Looking before you leap will allow you to maximize your professional opportunities while minimizing hurt feelings among your old coworkers. Here are few strategies Bradshaw advises adopting:

1. Maintain Radio Silence on LinkedIn

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Don’t announce your new gig on social media before you tell your boss that you’re leaving, and don’t leave accidental hints that you’re planning to go. That means not connecting with new colleagues on social media until you make the switch.

2. Develop a “Launch Sequence”

Decide when you’re going to announce your new job, what you’ll say, and where you’ll say it. We’d also add that it’s a good idea to make of list of people to tell — in order. That way, your boss won’t find out that you’re leaving the company from one of your coworkers.

3. Make Two Announcements

Your first announcement should be that you’re leaving your job. That’s when you thank your current team and express gratitude for the time you’ve spend working with them. Then announce your new job in your second email.

Bradshaw maps out a full internal succession plan in her post. It’s definitely worth a look, especially if it’s never occurred to you to think about this sort of thing before.

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