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How Super Bowl and Development Spending Compare [infographic]


It's no secret that the Super Bowl generates an insane amount of revenue, but you might be surprised to hear the actual numbers. It's estimated that in the last decade, the big game has generated $1.85 billion in network advertising sales. This is from a mere 130 marketers. This U.S. Global Leadership Coalition infographic shares more stunning statistics on the Super Bowl.

The USGLC graphic explores how U.S. development and aid spending compares against the ad profit the Super Bowl generates. The organization's communications director, Richard Parker, said, "We want to build awareness among Americans about the important role global development plays in our security, economy, and values. At just 1 percent of the federal budget, these programs are a cost-effective investment for American taxpayers."

Some of the most shocking statistics include the fact that a 30-second Super Bowl ad could provide mosquito bed nets for 800,000 children at risk of malaria. Also shocking and saddening, Americans will eat about 100 million pounds of chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday. That's more than half a year's worth of U.S. famine relief to Kenya.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on how Super Bowl and development spending compare.

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(Photo credit: Washington Post/U.S. Global Leadership Coalition)

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