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Five Creative Ways to Spot a Hot Niche [infographic]


Finding the right niche can be the difference between a financial windfall and a trip to the land of crickets. These five sites can help you spot an idea for the next hot niche, according to

First up is Flippa. It’s a website dedicated to the buying and selling of Internet portals. Here, you can bet that keywords and phrases being snatched up are likely to be the signs of a hot new niche coming to the forefront. Another good resource is the “For Dummies” series. If the publishers feel there is enough interest in a particular niche to warrant a book about it, chances are they’re right.

Google Trends is also a great place to leverage the latest and greatest in searches and keywords. A more surprising place to look is on Amazon. They have a special Movers and Shakers section that will tell you the hottest products on the move from moment to moment. Last, eBay is a good go-to source. Check out its most popular latest items section to see what people are searching for.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on creative ways to spot a hot niche.

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