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Don’t Focus on Spending Less — Focus on Earning More


If you want to be rich, the old adage goes, you need to spend less than you earn. The problem with this rule, according to the Get Rich Slowly blog, is that it puts the focus on the bummer end of the equation. Whereas, by flipping it…

“‘Earn more than you spend’ places the emphasis on the earning end of the formula. We want to get rich slowly, not live poor comfortably. And for this we need to make enough money so that our surpluses can actually get us rich.”

Sounds great! But, uh, how do we put it into practice, especially when the economy isn’t necessarily supporting our desire to become millionaires?

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Well, first of all, the thinking goes that reframing the problem as one of earning more will encourage us to find opportunities to maximize our income. But if the power of positive thinking isn’t enough for you, you can always use Lifehacker’s roundup of easy ways to make pocket money online.

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