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Disambiguations and Enhancements – View Ridge Release


By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

Bonjour! I'm pretty excited for the features we're releasing today. Last release we worked on some behind-the-scenes tools to help us process some of our previously unused data. This release, we are pushing out some new features based on that new data.

Read on to see the new hotness.

Disambiguation Pages

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Besides virtually unlimited amounts of things to learn, Wikipedia has also given us a great name for a new page in our Career Research Center. These six-syllable pages solve a long-standing problem — some job titles are "too general," and any salary information from them would be unusable at best, and misleading at worst! So, these pages help you find the page you're looking for.

How do you figure out what is "ambiguous"? When you come through our salary survey, you can type in ANY job title (we can talk about survey design in another blog post)… and if we need to, we have you tell us which PayScale Job Title best matches your job. We were able to mine this data, and figure out which job titles were too ambiguous.



Job Listings, Take 2

We used to have a special section of our site for job listings but, due to a negative effect those listings had on our site, we removed it. But, we believe that job listings are a fundamental experience on PayScale, so we brought them back and made them better. 

When you see job listings on PayScale, you'll be getting all the information available to us.

  • How well is this job going to pay?
  • In general, how does this employer pay its employees?
  • Do people like this employer?

Hopefully, by answering these questions, we'll be able to help you on your job search.



And the others…

As always, there is more we are working on but nothing to show you quite yet. You'll be kept in the loop though. Check back.

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