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Coursera Offers ACE Credits for ‘Signature Track’ Online Courses


Sites like Coursera and the Khan Academy are revolutionizing online education, but a common criticism of these tools is that they often don’t translate into real-life course credits. Coursera’s brand-new Signature Track aims to change that.

Anya Kamenetz recently covered the Signature Track for Fast Company. “Students must pay a fee to enroll in Coursera’s “Signature Track” and have their identities verified; their exams will be proctored by a third party; and then their grades must be submitted to the ACE Credit recommendation service, a system that works something like the AP exam to verify college credits earned outside a normal college course,” she wrote. For between $100 and $200, students can work towards two to three college credits that are transferable to some 2,000 educational institutions.

As of now, the Signature Track offerings at Coursera are introductory level. They include math, calculus and science courses from schools like Duke, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Irvine.

Have you ever taken a massive open online course like the ones offered at Coursera and its ilk?

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