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Why It’s Startup Time in America [infographic]


People often like to hold out for the most ideal market conditions possible. Sometimes holding out can hurt you, though. Discover why entrepreneurs should jump at the opportunities available now for startups in this ProfitBricks infographic.

Founding a startup now is cheaper than ever before because there is less competition. In an economy like this, people are focused on surviving, not thriving. This means that prices on office spaces are low and technology has dramatically lowered the cost of entry. A recession means lots of opportunity at minimal cost.

Another good reason to embrace your startup idea today instead of tomorrow is the fact that there are new sources of funding available, like crowd funding. Small business bank loans and small business administration loans are still options as well. The big takeaway from all of this? Everyone wants to see the economy rebound and they are willing to invest in visionaries who possess strong ideas and great ideas.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on why now is the best time to start a business.

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