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Why Coworking Isn’t Just for Startups and Freelancers Anymore


Sharing workspaces has grown from being practiced by startups and freelancers who lack in funds to a way of life for many successful large businesses. Lydia Dishman of Fast Company recently wrote about the Global Coworking Survey by Deskmag, which found that 71 percent of people surveyed reported they had a boost in creativity since becoming part of a coworking environment. Sixty-two percent said their overall work improved by the change. The survey also found people were more willing to work at all hours in a coworking environment.

“The future of work should not be dictated by space or place, but by the individual and tasks that he or she has to deliver,” said Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus, a company that provides temporary spaces for companies like Google and Twitter. “Many employees are now measured by output and productivity, and not just 40 hours spent sitting at a desk.”?

Deskmag also found that 90 percent of people in coworking environments felt a boost in confidence because of their new workspace. This, as Dishman notes, is likely because these types of working environments offer a community who encourage collaboration.

Do you work in a coworking environment?

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