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Use the OHIO Productivity Technique to Get Ahead in 2013


Fast Company recently rounded up several productivity tips and tricks for 2013, and one — the OHIO technique — has the potential to singlehandedly double your productivity.

OHIO stands for “only handle it once.” It’s a technique endorsed by Bob Pozen and Fast Company contributor Aaron Shapiro, the CEO of Huge. “No ‘I’ll respond later is allowed,” says Shapiro of the method. “Responding later means you take three times longer to get through your email than taking care of it the first time, because responding later means you have to waste time finding and rereading that email… or even worse, the time wasted reminding yourself over and over to get to that message.”

By only handling information once, whether it’s in your email inbox or your physical mailbox, you streamline your workflow. Over time, the freed-up moments add up.

What are some of your favorite productivity tricks?

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