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To Achieve Career Goals, Try the One Word Strategy


Leaders and line-level workers alike have probably laid out personal and professional goals to kick off 2013, and in a new column for Fast Company, Jon Gordon describes a simple "One Word" strategy he learned to achieve these goals. Instead of a lengthy list of resolutions and goals, his friends Jimmy Page and Dan Britton recommend picking just one word to drive and motivate them.

This One Word strategy has been used in a variety of industries, to great success. Atlanta Falcons head coach Mike Smith picked the word "finish" to inspire teammates to finish strong. Hendrick BMW in Charlotte got its employees' respective words painted on a showroom car to keep them top of mind.

Why is this strategy so successful? "One Word helps leaders and teams generate clarity, focus, power and passion," writes Gordon. "While goals are easily forgotten, One Word sticks and inspires their employees to perform at a higher level."

Do you plan on trying the One Word strategy?

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