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The South Lake Union Release: #MakeItHappen, Extra Paycheck Sweepstakes, PayScale Index Values Now on RC pages, and External Data for 1,000+ More Schools


On December 20, the Consumer Team proudly launched our
latest release, South Lake Union. Even though we were working with a shorter-than-usual
time schedule (the release was originally scheduled for Christmas Day), we were
able to successfully launch several new features and enhancements to the site.

First, we
now show data from the PayScale Index on many Research Center pages
. To see
this new feature in action, simply go to the Research Center and look up a job
title. Now, in additional to the salary data you saw before, you can also see
the median pay for that job over time.

Index data

In addition, we successfully imported external data for over
1,000 new schools into the Research Center school pages. We also created a
workflow that allows any member of the Consumer team to easily update the
external info without a release. This will allow us to respond to feedback and
ensure that we have the most accurate information possible live on the site.

Do You Know What You're Worth?

Probably the most exciting thing to happen in the South Lake
Union release was the launch of #MakeItHappen,
a new email program centered around helping PayScale users identify and achieve
their career goals.

Career goals

Users select a goal from the list above and then sign up for
a six-week email series filled with simple, actionable items to help them make
their goals a reality. In addition, they can see an expanded task list that we
will update regularly linking to additional content, homework assignments and
more on their My PayScale page.

My payscale

And just to sweeten the deal, we are running an exciting
sweepstakes now through February – one lucky entrant will win an extra paycheck
(value: $4,000) from PayScale
! Sadly, PayScale employees (and their
families) aren’t eligible to win. But please spread the word to your friends. I’m
sure that if somebody you know wins, you’ll probably get a free dinner out of
it at least.


South Lake Union was a great release to close out 2012. We
can’t wait to show you what 2013 has in store!

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