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The Best Days to Post to Facebook, Based on Industry [infographic]


There's definitely an art to successfully navigating your way through social media. Did you know that even the day of the week can have an impact on how many people your online campaign reaches? This infographic demonstrates the best days to post, based on industry.

The main way of interacting with customers on Facebook is through the "Like" feature. That makes up 79 percent of Facebook interactions. Fifteen percent is made up of comments and 6 percent represents shares. If you're in the advertising industry, you'll want to put in some hours on the weekend: Posts that occur on Saturdays and Sundays can reach an audience of up to 69 percent higher. However, only 11 percent of posts in this industry are made on these days.

If you're in the automotive industry, you'll want to post on Saturdays. As for the clothing and fashion area, Thursdays are a big winner. Perhaps it's in anticipation of paychecks on Friday. Technology and telecommunications are big winners on Mondays. Rates can be as much as 30 percent higher.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on the best days to post to Facebook.

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