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How to Develop These 3 Good Habits


If your New Year’s resolution has already dissolved, fear not: Lifehacker is coming to your rescue with some easy ways to develop the good habits most of us long to have.

And which habits are those? Don’t bother guessing: there’s an app for that. Psychology and marketing blogger Gregory Ciotti turned to his favorite goal-setting app iLift, which lists the most-sought-after habits of the folks who use it. He took that list and looked at the best ways to promote each behavior.

1. Exercise

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This is one of the hardest habits to form, because it takes time for it to stick. (Just ask those of us who went to the gym five times before January 10, and now can’t find our sneakers.) Ciotti advises using an old trainer’s trick: Hang an old-fashioned paper calendar on your locker, and cross out each day with a big, satisfying X.

2. Read

This one is much easier than exercise, but then so is almost any habit. For fiction-haters, he recommends social psychology or history books. The key is to read for a just few minutes a day.

3. Floss

The secret to developing this habit is to force your brain to associate brushing with flossing. Floss first, then brush, to make sure you lock in the habit.

Ciotti lists more good habits here, and a slew of tips for developing them. Maybe it’s not too late to make some resolutions that will really stick.

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