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Best and Worst Franchise Trends of 2012 [infographic]


2012 was the year of the entrepreneur, and there’s hope that 2013 will continue the trend of thinking outside of the box. Sometimes this way of thinking can lead to franchise opportunities, both great and small, as this infographic proves.

Some of the hottest franchise opportunities have included businesses that focus on helping kids get healthy, offering health care to seniors, and providing quick over-the-counter food service that doesn’t require a fast food stop. Then there are some hot businesses that might be on their way out in the new year. These include healthful-snack machines, all-day breakfast joints and assembly-line custom pizza.

Some types of franchise businesses have already gone cold and have simply dried up. Video-rental stores are on their way out now that instant services such as Vudu and iTunes have come into the picture, as well as the convenience and inexpense of Redbox. Also on the way out are tanning beds. Gone are the days when people thought looking like an orange oompa loompa was attractive. You can also say goodbye to bridal consignment stores and janitorial services.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on the best and worst franchise trends of 2012.

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