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4 Sneaky Tips for Your Stealth Job Hunt


The best time to look for a job is when you have a job, but the trick is to manage the search process without alienating your current boss. Life coach Lauren Mackler recently spoke with the Grindstone about the best ways to conduct your under-the-radar job search.

1. Change Your LinkedIn Settings

The last thing you want, when you’re looking for a new job on the sly, is to alert your entire network to every minor tweak and change. We’ve heard loads of stories of people getting called on the carpet for making suspicious-looking alterations to their online resumes — never mind the dubious legality (in some states, at least) of even asking an employee about their job search. It’s an aggravation you’d probably prefer to avoid.

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2. Focus on Your Goal, Not Your Current Title

Once you’ve adjusted your settings to protect your search, make sure your LinkedIn profile is geared toward what you want to be doing, not the job you’re trying to escape.

“Promote your expertise, not your current workplace, by changing your title from ‘Operations Analyst at XYZ Company’ to ‘Operations Expert,'” Mackler advises.

3. Don’t Post Your Resume Online

Instead, Mackler recommends tailoring your CV to each job application.

4. Be a Careful Networker

Make a list of people in your field who aren’t working for your company right now, and arrange information meetings with these contacts. Don’t be afraid to tell them that the meeting is confidential, and keep things casual — even if you’re desperate to get out of your current gig.

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Last but not least, I would like to add poachee as a great resource for your stealth search. Honestly, I love Linked In as my networking page and to publicly connect with others. But for stealth job search? To risky and simply not made for that. I use for that purpose. Securely anonymous and just works. Gives me a complete new way of looking for a job while I still have one.

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