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3 Rules to Help You Master the Art of Negotiating


Negotiating is certainly an art most professionals have yet to master. Grant Cardone of Entrepreneur understands just how stressful negotiations can be and has provided three "golden rules" that will help any professional learn the ropes. First, Cardone writes, it is important to truly understand the definition of the world "negotiate."

"Negotiate" comes from the Latin negotiatus, which is the past participle of negotiari, and means to carry on business," Cardone writes. "The original meaning is critical to understand because the goal of negotiating is to continue doing business by conferring with another to arrive at an agreement."?

Step 1 in mastering the art of negotiations is to ensure you are always the one to initiate the conversation: that way, you maintain control. Next, always put everything in writing. Keep updating a document throughout negotiations so the agreement can be signed right away. Lastly, always stay calm and composed, despite having to deal with anger, frustration and sometimes even unpleasant people.

To learn more about how to master your negotiation tactics, head to Entrepreneur.

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