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Work Engaged, Work Inspired [infographic]


Employees who are engaged in their work are happier and more productive than those who are simply showing up and putting their time in. A work-inspired environment that values employees and highlights individual strengths has a higher rate of success across the board, financially and professionally. This infographic demonstrates how and why.

Ninety percent of engaged workers are happy when they walk in the door on Monday morning. Why is this so essential? Of these engaged workers, 59 percent are more creative and 61 percent are more likely to collaborate. Compare that to a creativity level of just 38 percent for disengaged workers and just 30 percent when attributed to collaboration. Not all is lost, though. There are ways to re-engage workers.

Offering recognition can result in an 82 percent rate of higher motivation. In fact, 71 percent of workers who are disengaged state that their benefits are not recognized by their company. It takes company culture and a sense of community to keep workers engaged and feeling valued.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on engaged workers and inspiration.

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