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Who Will Win the College Salary Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl?


How are you planning on spending January 1st? Maybe you’ll eat piles of those delicious foods that you promise never to eat again (at least for the rest of the year). Or maybe you’ll while away the first day of the new year with some football. After all, the first day of 2013 marks the beginning of the college bowl season.

But what if the victor was chosen based on salary potential, rather than touchdowns? Who would win the first two contests, the Rose Bowl and the Orange Bowl?

As a reminder for non-football fans, the Rose Bowl features a faceoff between Stanford and the University of Wisconsin, while the Orange Bowl pits Florida State vs. Northern Illinois. Place your bets now, then click through below to see the stats.

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Check out our predictions for all of the college bowl games of 2013 on our infographics page.

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